If you suspect that you have a virus or spyware on your computer, I can come to diagnose it. If it is a simple virus, it will be removed. Some viruses stop you from adding virus scanners on your computer - in this case, you may need to back up your data, and wipe your computer, put the operating system back on and your documents back on, this will cost 35. If you haven't any virus protection after a virus removal, I can put on AVG virus to give you decent protection.
Sometimes, you can inadvertently click on a website link, that a virus may be lurking. Most modern virus checkers, have an internet security part, which protects you against viruses/spyware as you click on a link - I recommend Norton and Kaspersky Internet security for ultimate protection - Click on the above images to go to their websites, which will allow protection between 1-3 home computers - they also provide a business security solution too.
'Get rich quick' websites
Activist websites
Pornographic websites
Pirate Copy media files websites
Most viruses can come into your computer while surfing the internet, going to web sites of an 'unofficial' nature e.g.
Malware can suggest that you buy some software, e.g. a rogue virus checker and will lock your computer and not release it until you buy the software.
Spyware are programs that monitor things like your keystrokes and what is on the screen and transmit this information to another computer so they can replicate your bank log on details - this can end up as 'identity theft' where they know what financial sites you have been to and have stolen your passwords etc.
A virus is a program that is written to make your computer do things that it shouldn't normally do.  This can be deleting your documents and Windows operating system, or transferring your documents to an anonymous computer.
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Virus/Spyware Removal
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You can arrange a virus scan for your PC or laptop - I visit you and scan using the latest popular virus software. If no virus found - no fee!
"More than a million computers infected in botnet virus..."