Decide where we should get together - if you have internet access, e.g. at a friend or relative's house, at your local library, or even at your own home.
NOTE: Only available to residents of the Fylde Coast area. Not applicable to Sapphire PC Quality Assurance Cover
You have probably seen the advertisement to 'Get Online' on the BBC. After seeing this myself, I thought 'What a Good Idea'.  Polyhedral Solutions is now volunteering to set aside 1 hour free to help you, or someone you know get started with computers, or to get on the internet.
Contact me by phone 01253 442442, or email
Computer Tuition
How to use a keyboard
Layout of Windows
Getting Familiar with the parts of a computer
Files and Folders
Essential and Useful Applications
How to use a mouse
Internet Tuition
What is the Internet?
What you Can do Online
Choose an ISP, and set up computer
Using a Browser
Set up e-mail,skype, facebook etc
Shopping on the net, search, downloading, researching etc
Mobile Phone Tuition
Making a call
Phone contacts SIM and memory
Multimedia messages
Text messages
Internet (smartphone)
App Market (smartphone)
12 Newbury Ave, Blackpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Computer/Internet/Mobile Phone Tuition
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'I'm going to pledge an hour to get someone online and using computers'
I'm also going to pledge an hour to get someone using their mobile phone features too e.g. 'Texting'