If you put your music collection on a DVD, then all of your songs are in one place, they can be searched for on the computer and retrieved, using the library function. You can create a 'playlist' of the music tracks that you want e.g. '80's Night', 'Jazz', 'My favorite top 10' etc. A picture of the album cover can be shown in the player. The same DVD can be put in a standard DVD player and you can select the folder that contains your album, and it will play it, along with showing the album art.
You want to play your favorite songs in a afternoon. What do you do? You have to go and find your cd's that you require. Where are they? In a drawer? In a cd rack where you can only see the edge of the album name? Is it at your friend's house? Is it in the car? Is it in the kitchen?
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Put Up To 60 Albums on a DVD
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If you create a DVD, you are also creating a backup of your music collection, thus saving wear on the originals. The DVD's can also be copied to your computer's hard disk for the ultimate speed and capacity.
Have you any LP's or casette tapes that you don't play anymore as you haven't a record player? I can give them a new lease of life by converting your old vinyl or tapes to mp3 format.
NOTE: The number of albums that can fit on a DVD can vary, 60 is an estimate, and you may need more disks if you have a large collection.  10 albums fit on a CD.
'Out of the Blue' playing on a Philips DVD Player