Sapphire PC Quality Conditions: Any visits to your premises are limited to 2 per week - if outside the Fylde coast area, then a transport cost of 50p per mile is incurred. Courtesy laptop is wiped clean of any software/data after returned to Polyhedral-Solutions, any personal data you might have saved on it, and you require, will be transferred to your original PC, so please make sure that you notify me of any data that you need back.

Any additional hardware/software required during the assurance cover that I purchase on your behalf must be paid for, but installation is within the cover.

Helpline is available 9.30am - 9.30pm GMT.

All software added to your computer has been scanned with Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

PC Quality Assurance also applies to netbooks, even running Ubuntu operating system

If any hardware is damaged by Polyhedral-Solutions, it will be replaced with the same specification, and at the current selling price.

Additional PC's at the same address that require the same PC cover incurr an additional £50 per machine. Making DVD's/CD's and file conversion only applies to the first PC.

Polyhedral-Solutions is not responsible for data loss, unrecoverable data, password loss, or Internet browser cache files, but if I knowingly accidentally delete/wipe your data, then a goodwill payment of £50 will be made.

If your computer is new and a fault develops, you should be using your retailer's 1 year manufacturing guarantee. If Polyhedral-Solutions assists in a hardware problem for a new PC, you may be invalidating your 1 year gauarantee.
Beautification applications, especially the App launch, reside in your computer’s memory. You may not be able to install it if your memory is low.

Cover does not include the following services:

Ebay buying and selling

* Creating Microsoft Office      documents

* DVD Movie backups

* Data entry/Computer programming

* Graphic design

* Web site Design

* VHS tape conversion

Cancellation: You can cancel at any time by writing to me at the above address. If you cancel in the first month of cover, you receive 11 months money back, if cancel 2nd month, 10 months money back etc. If you cancel in the last month, you receive no money back.

Renewal: I will contact you in the last month, to let you know that your cover is about to expire. If you wish to continue cover, a new cover document will be created, where the cover dates and times follow on from the last.

Sapphire Mobile/Smartdevice Quality Conditions: Same as PC, but in addition †† Only a basic smartphone is supplied as a 'courtesy mobile', ipad or substitute Blackberry not included. If major damage has occured, it will be sent to a third party for repair, a charge is incurred and may even be sent back to the manufacturers for repair. Polyhedral-Solutions cannot guarantee how long your phone will be in for repair.

Additional mobiles at the same address that require the same mobile cover incurr an additional £25 per mobile. Making DVD's/CD's and file conversion only applies to the first mobile.