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C.V's (Curriculum Vitae)
A word processor serves for drafting and writing documents. It's also easier to correct or to change the contents of a document with a word processor than by using a typewriter or even writing. Besides the text, these documents can also include pictures, charts, tables and many more possibilities. Tasks include:
Excel is used to make calculations, create models and simulations. When a model is completed, you can try out what will happen to your budget if you buy a BMW instead of a Ford, for example. How much manoeuvring room do you have in your budget? What will happen to the company if you increase the promotional budget for a product? What happens if it succeeds? What happens if the promotion doesn't give out the desired effect?
The spreadsheet then becomes a powerful tool to try out different things to be able to make better decisions. Excel has also other tools to help you better to represent, analyze and interpret your data, such as graphs and summarizing data.
At one point in time, you'll be asked to present or to try to sell your ideas to somebody. Whether it be a business presentation, a progress report to your superiors, a business plan, or a conference. You want to give the best possible presentation but you don't know any presentation software. I can assist you in creating a professional presentation.
Using additional software, you can add a video backdrop, audio commentary or background music, and in combination with an HDMI/Monitor LCD TV, remote control unit, you can create the ultimate in presentation experiences.
In it's simplest form, a database can be just a list within a spreadsheet, which is fine. What happens when you try to maintain more than one list? In most cases, you can see a relationship between lists occurring - this is where you need a relational database system to take over the running of your data. Remember that you will eventually want to interrogate the data and produce some sort of report, this is turning data into INFORMATION.
I have been using Office applications since the early 90's and still regard them as an essential tool for home and business productivity. Although there are many applications that the Office suite can be utilised for, I can produce the following for you.
Microsoft Office plays a major part of most modern businesses today. Writing by hand has it's good points, but make a mistake and you've ruined the whole document with strike outs, scribbles and black marks. It's the same with pictures - stick an illustration onto a page with some text, then if you were not happy with the layout, try moving them around the page, you can't because they've been glued down! Having an 'Electronic Office' means that documents can be given a professional touch, with the ability to amend at any time or even base new documents on existing work.
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