Hard disk check for errors
A PC Health check consists of:
These symptoms are an indication that your computer needs a health check in order to recover back how it used to perform. As you use a new computer, programs get installed and uninstalled, pictures, documents, videos get added to your hard disk, and Windows needs to keep track of more and more files. This can create 'slack' or fragmented files on your hard disk, which slows Windows down.
The registry can be cluttered with broken links to files which no longer exist and this too can reduce performance. Having missing hardware drivers can make Windows look for them at boot up, slowing it down.
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Do you recognise this icon? It's the 'wait' icon which tells you that the computer is busy doing something and you have to wait while it has finished. Does your computer take ages to boot up? Does it take a while to open internet explorer? Does it takes a while to do anything? Do you remember when you first got your computer and it was speedy, but now it's sluggish?
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Free memory available
Benchmark performance test comparing result with 10 other computers
Missing hardware drivers resolved if possible
Remove unwanted applications installed
Disk clean up
Disk defragment
Registry clean, defrag, optimise
Health Check Also Available Via Remote Assistance