A program is a series of tasks that usually involve manipulating data into another form. It usually goes from input stage, processing stage and an output stage. I can program in the following: Access, C++, Flash actionscript, vb .net, vbscript etc. Programs have ranged from Bingo generators and shopping at Home in the 80's, to production scheduling systems.
Data can come in many forms, a temperature reading on a scale for 7 days, a printout of sales figures from a database, addresses of paper manufacturers in Germany from the internet, how many people have visited a venue and bought something. It could be on paper, in electronic form, or an event that has not been recorded yet. I can enter the data that you require into a database for you, or I can come in and use your system for the period of data entry. I can also scan data into dB's too. Need a blog updating? I can create entries for you based on your notes/pics/vids/links.
12 Newbury Ave, Blackpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Data Entry/Computer Programming
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