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Sapphire PC/Mobile Devices Quality Assurance
If your computer breaks down, you have the option of calling out an engineer to repair it, he bills you for his time, then goes away. A month later, another problem occurs, and you get another engineer out as you can't remember the other's phone no, he charges you more than the first engineer. A couple of months pass by and you get an operating system error message - what do you do next?

Reports say that on average, computers have a slight problem every 2 weeks, an irritating problem every month, and a major problem between 1 to 2 years.

Retailers that sell your computer often ask you to buy their breakdown cover, with a major outlay, and sometimes a repair may not be fixed for months, or your computer lost, or the problem can re-occur - see below video†.
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Wouldn't it be ideal if someone could take total care of your computer and assist you whenever you need help with running/operating. With Sapphire PC Quality Assurance you get:
Data Recovery for hard disks, or other media
Quarterly PC Health Check
Troubleshoot any PC problem - I come to your premises to look at your computer, if it can't be fixed then, I can take it away to be repaired and can leave you with a 'Courtesy Laptop', transfer your critical documents to it which also has the regular applications that you would use: Office, PDF reader, Video and Audio players - your productivity continues seamlessly!
Add 'Beautification' applications for desktop, application launch, windows media player and screensaver - give your PC a 'professional gloss'
Assist in adding any new computer hardware/software and guide you in using your computer
Video and audio file conversion - Video up to 100GB per month, Audio 14GB per month
Scan your documents up to 2 Lightscribe Data CD's
Put up to 60 CD albums onto 1 Lightscribe MP3 DVD
Make 1 CD Photo Slideshow
Virus/Spyware removal
Telephone helpline every day
Have the option of asking for custom made 'How To...' videos
Remote control help of your computer, fill in Step 4 on Remote Control Screen at any time
Install a different version of Windows e.g. XP/Vista/Windows 7
With Sapphire Mobile/Smartdevices/tablet Quality Assurance you Get:
The same benefits as your PC cover, but for mobile devices. If your mobile is damaged, a 'courtesy mobile'†† is left with you, so you are still in touch
File conversions allow you save audio and video to your mobile phone, in your phone's file format, so your can have entertainment on the go